Who we are

Aracoara – Instituto Cultural Amefricano (Amefrican Cultural Institute) was founded in 2021 in order to teach Brazilian Portuguese for foreigners in a non-european centred path.  The knowledge and heritage are highly influenced by Amefrican thinkers. Our aim is to teach the Portuguese language through indigenous and black tradition, concepts, history, stories, characters, role models, culture and resistance. 

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Meet our people

Professor Antonio Castro- A trajectory

Antonio Alves de Castro Junior was born in Tijuca, lived for many years in Glória and Catete, but it was in the northern district of Rio that he lived most of his life. He studied Letters at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, at Ilha do Fundão campus, where he graduated as a professor of Portuguese and Portuguese-language literature in 2009. There, he attended the Portuguese course for foreigners, as a listener, in order to prepare to teach classes he was invited to teach…

Meet our people

Marcos Valois

Marcos graduated in the end of 2008, the same year his daughter was born, but he started teaching back in 2006 in a NGO’s and was always aware of the importance of returning to the community the investment in studies. Teaching Portuguese and English in private schools in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, in these areas he included projects such as adult schooling, admission exams for universities, and with infants and younglings helping them not only with formal qualifying education but

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