Pedagogy of the Quilombo

The pedagogy of the quilombo comes from looking at the reality of quilombos at the time of enslavement, especially Palmares, in order to recognize in this model of resistance of different groups an inspiring structure for the construction of a pedagogy that will transform the sociopolitical scenario of contemporaneity. Persecution and exploitation changed their disguise, but did not cease to exist. This process forces us to think about strategies to overcome difficulties and competition in the market, in order to promote the sustainable development of black and mixed race people, in addition to indigenous people living in urban centers.

We understand the pedagogical process, therefore, as a collective construction of learning, which takes place not only through the knowledge of Portuguese grammar teachers, but with the fundamental participation of the knowledge of various professionals who build their existence in the world of speakers of this language. Information stays in the mind more fixedly when it is put there through physical and emotional experiences. And these movements are the result of interaction with these various teachers, who are competent professionals in whatever they do and are also prepared to correct errors in vocabulary, pronunciation, verb conjugation, pronominal placement, foreign words, etc.

Empowering the community is giving individuals a leading role in their personal development and to the group to which they belong. It is valuing knowledge, life experience and drinking from a source of knowledge that conveys not just a specific skill. By using the language for learning an activity, it also gives this learner the knowledge about it. Language in its identity practice. In this way, music, dance and capoeira teachers, as well as carpenters, cooks, theater actors and storytellers, for example, are spoken Portuguese teachers of the use of the language in the country; of the newest, creating communication made from the matter of present time, from what urges on street corners and emerges from the thought of the civilized citizen.

Instituto Cultural Amefricano Aracoara believes that “aquilombar” is the natural movement, in this scenario of evident persecution and extermination of black and indigenous people. The idea is to value the roots, transforming the present time based on ancient traditions, so that a prosperous future is shared by Amefricans; as much as it is for a segment of the elite that has reigned historically, since the invasion of the territory by Pedro Álvares Cabral, at the behest of the Portuguese crown. It is time to hold hands and change the game.

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