Who we are

Aracoara – Instituto Cultural Amefricano (Amefrican Cultural Institute) was founded in 2021 in order to teach Brazilian Portuguese for foreigners in a non-european centred path.  The knowledge and heritage are highly influenced by Amefrican thinkers. Our aim is to teach the Portuguese language through indigenous and black tradition, concepts, history, stories, characters, role models, culture and resistance. 

We use the term Amefrican influenced by Lélia Gonzalez, who also coined the term pretuguês to describe the Portuguese language widely spoken among non-white people in Brazil.


We offer educational, cultural, valuable, historical experiences to our students while empowering and giving voice to the community and their knowledge.


We teach through experiencing and healing. We believe communication is the ultimate process of healing among people and communication must come from understanding, respecting, honoring, and carrying on the knowledge passed by our ancestors. Ensuring everything we have learnt so far, does not get lost


+55 (21) 99211 - 1780 (WhatsApp)